Since 2004, DuraCert offers group management and specialised consultancy services around sustainability labels and certification. We accompany and advise our clients on the way to their certification, guided by our progressive vision and applying an innovative strategy. Our approach focuses on clients' requirements with regards to convenience and comfort and is characterised by short lines of communication in everyday operations. Our client portal My DuraCert®, for example, facilitates an easy certification process and reduces your administrative work to a minimum. As recognised experts for certification along the entire supply chain (Chain of Custody), managers of group certificates in various European countries and co-founders of the international CoC Group Network, we like to share our knowledge and experience with you.

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What our clients say about us:

"We are very happy with the swift result. We enjoyed the guidance throughout the whole process. For us it was a totally new thing, which we would otherwise have had to put a lot more time and energy into in order to familiarise ourselves with the FSC world. The clear explanation and guidance have certainly contributed to the rapid certification, which is important to us".
Plant Trend B.V.

"Thank you very much for your friendly e-mail and for quickly picking up the things I didn't think of. Awesome!"
Hermann Lietz-Schule

"You acted fast, the contact is pleasant. I also liked the afternoon in which everything was explained. Keep up the good work."
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"The FSC process for the multi-site certification went very well for Mastermate. Especially the practical approach has been successful for the implementation. By providing adequate solutions, Mastermate has been able to implement the FSC system correctly within its organization. In order to continue the progress in the following years, Mastermate has signed a contract with DuraCert. This contract provides for the supervision of internal audits and the use of a customer portal. This offers our locations access to the current procedures and additional information about FSC.

"On the advice of our supplier, we came into contact with DuraCert. During the pleasant introductory conversation, we already got a good impression of what FSC® stands for and what certification is all about. After analysing the company structure and work processes, we received clear advice on how to implement FSC within our company".
Esbi billboards

"So far, I'm very excited. The way of working is simple, efficient and clear to me. Absolutely contemporary. Optimal use is being made of the current possibilities."
Mulder's Timber Trade