Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

The worlds largest mark for sustainable forestmanagement is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forect Certification (PEFC). Worldwide there are hundreds of millions hectares of forest PEFC certified. Most of those forests are on the Northern Hemisphere. Many organizations accept PEFC as mark for sustainable wood and/or paper. 

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Chain of Custody certification

With a chain of custody certificate, your organization can garantee that the wood which is being used, is originating from sustainable managed forests. With this certificate it is checked that the certified wood you purchase, is originated from a certified supplier. Your supplier is also being audited, as is his supplier. Eventually the wood can be traced back to the PEFC certified forest from which it was harvested.  

Sustainabilty garanteed: from the source _ via the producer _ to the consumer






Suitable for who?

Over 17.000 organizations within the chain of custody are PEFC certified. These are organizations throughout the entire chain of custody, such as construction companies, printing houses, woodworkers, et cetera. 

There are three kinds of PEFC certificates from which you can chose: group certification, individual certification or multisite certification. Many organizations may be able to join our group certificate, because the criteria for entering our group are vast. 

Criteria for  PEFC group certification

  • Maximum 50 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) on the pay roll, ánd

    Maximum CHF 9.000.000 total anual turnover

  • Sima Europe B.V.
  • Focus lnterieurprojecten B.V.
  • Mouris Hout B.V.
  • asw houten emballage
  • Houthandel W. Jacobs B.V.
  • Flow Gevelapplicaties B.V.
  • Acacia-Robinia Nederland B.V.
  • Woodteq houtconstructies B.V. ook h.o.d.n. Timberliving
  • Spereco Holland B.V.
  • Rietjens en Vranken B.V. hodn Pro Paneel Nederland
  • Zwart Houtbewerking B.V.
  • Kees van ’t Hullenaar Hout B.V.
  • Bouwbedrijf De Driehoek B.V.
  • Aannemersbedrijf G. Boele
  • Haklander Interieurbouw B.V.
  • Van Herten afbouwsystemen B.V.
  • World Timber Products B.V.
  • Paxpring B.V.
  • Save Plastics
  • Hout Import Reuver B.V.
  • Houthandel Harkema B.V.
  • Homé Hout
  • Houthandel van den Hoogenhoff B.V. h.o.d.n. Houtimport van den Hoogenhoff
  • DEMO Company
  • Boers Tuin + Hout B.V.
  • XL-Panel B.V.
  • Bear Optima Wood B.V.
  • VDO schuttingbouw Nuenen
  • Asilva B.V.
  • Inkoop-combinatie De Eendragt B.V.
  • Bio Futura B.V.
  • Edese Zagerij J. Brons
  • John B.V. Worldwide Ships-Ply Traders
  • Jenowood B.V.
  • Tomesen Braamt B.V.
  • Stemid Houtimport B.V.
  • Homme Siebenga Bouw B.V.
  • Houthandel Lenferink
  • Houthandel Wijers
  • Sant & Steenland Interieurmakers B.V. hodn SANT Interiors
  • Foham Houtagenturen B.V.
  • Leeuwerik Plaat Hoevelaken B.V.
  • Total Timber B.V.
  • DEVOBO Forest Service B.V.
  • De Brug Timmerfabriek Son B.V.
  • Houtindustrie Noord Brabant
  • Mastermate Brinkman B.V. - locatie Groningen
  • Diederen hout en bouwmaterialen B.V.
  • Geurts van Bergen B.V.
  • Bouwbedrijf Huls
  • G&P Afbouw B.V.
  • Hertog Vloeren B.V.
  • Floor Center B.V.
  • R. van de Scheur Interieurbouw B.V.
  • Houthandel Benschop B.V.
  • Van der Plas Meubel en Project B.V.
  • PPC Pallets Deventer B.V.
  • Drimensa B.V.
  • BETI Timmerfabriek B.V.
  • L. van den Hombergh Lomm B.V.
  • Tasmania Handel-Maatschappij B.V.
  • Paneltex B.V.
  • Trentwood B.V.
  • Willemsz Bouwbedrijf B.V.
  • Foxx Deursystemen B.V.
  • Van Dorp Hout B.V.
  • Rena Flooring B.V.
  • Le Feber B.V.
  • Houtimport Twente B.V.
  • Your Floor Nederland
  • J.C. van de Voort Houthandel en Zagerij B.V.
  • Proludic B.V.
  • Michels Parketvloeren B.V.
  • Houthandel Het Anker